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With its huge showcase of cutting-edge solutions for textile makers, 100,000 visitors from all sectors of the global textile industry and over 180,000 sqm of exhibition space, ITMA ASIA have been a great opportunity for SANTEX RIMAR GROUP to meet old and new customers, Chinese Government representatives and Group partners.

“ITMA ASIA have been an important moment to officially present SMIT and its new CEO, and therefore to discuss with customers about our new vision and new solutions we could provide, from weaving to finishing, to coat or to laminate” says Stefano Gallucci, Group CEO, who concludes: “We have customers that have been using the same machine from Santex Rimar Group for more than 25 years and eventually change it only for another Santex Rimar. This is what we call quality. Any entrepreneur making a project in textiles, technical textiles or a new application calls Santex Rimar Group”.




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05-10-2016 | ITMA ASIA 2016 | Press Kit

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“With almost 30,000 machines installed worldwide we are constantly visiting customers and listening to them. Our goal is to provide custom solutions in terms of quality and sustainability in order to enable them to build stronger relationships also with their customers: our customers’ success is our success” said Stefano Gallucci, SANTEX RIMAR GROUP CEO, and concludes: “Santex Rimar Group is flexible, integrated, sustainable and above all, expert on customers”.

The Group keeps on investing in Qingpu (Shanghai) based production site to fulfil the demand of such an important market like China. Also thanks to the local management, Chinese productions are continuously growing and improving and machines’ level upgraded. The strong commitment to China has been confirmed also with the establishment of New Smit China, under the lead of Mr. Rock Luo, to strengthen customers’ support.

Established in 1938 and worldwide recognized as a forerunner in weaving technology, SMIT officially joined SANTEX RIMAR GROUP in April 2016.

The brand new SMIT production site is already working in Trissino (Vicenza) where Group’s headquarters is based and new Chief Executive Officer has been nominated: after several years of experience in the textile world, Simone Rancan officially joined SANTEX RIMAR GROUP and assumed the role of SMIT CEO.


Simone Rancan Smit CEO

Rock Luo Smit China GM

Smit Jaquard

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To reach us please click here: santex-rimar-group_itma_asia_2016

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We help our customers achieve their goals

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Our solutions perform consistently. We help our customers achieve their goals: our success is their success. We do this with a full vision on our customers’ business, from weaving to finishing or impregnating or coating.

Sustainable Nonwovens_August September 2016

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Bring additional future benefits for customers with innovation

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“Our solutions perform, consistently. We help our customers achieve their goals, I call this success. We do this with a full vision on our customers’ business, from looms to finishing or impregnation or coating. No other industrial machine manufacturer can claim the same” said Stefano Gallucci, Santex Rimar Group CEO.

CTL_August 2016

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The relaunch of SMIT after bankruptcy

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The first textile machinery had been shipped from Santex Rimar Group factory located in Trissino

Smit factory was built in 1938, but in January 2015 bankrupted. Ferdinando Businaro, Santex Rimar Group President, said: «It’s an important and decisive element for the strategic development of Santex Rimar Group and we want to have it alive again».

The plans have been respected. The first Santex Rimar Group loom for terry fabrics of the new era left the establishment in Trissino. Its destination is an important client of the Far East who believes in the relaunch of the company.

It was quite a long time that Smit was not producing weaving machines anymore. For Ferdinando Businaro restarting producing was possible thanks to the skills of people and to the “courageous intelligence” necessary for rebuilding Smit reputation and for making it big as it was, maybe even more.

«It is so moving to observe these machines working – said the technician Gecchelin – they still represent a cutting edge technological vision that with no doubts will continuously grow».

After 3 years of inactivity Smit restarts producing in Trissino (Vicenza) where Santex Rimar Group headquarters are based and people who have been previously working for the company had been already rehired and their number will double in the next months.

«We have decided to move in Trissino, where we are owners of the whole industrial area, in order to be more competitive and to implement innovation, quality and flexibility to better satisfy customers».

But the goals of the President and of Stefano Gallucci, Group CEO, are even more ambitious and the operations which started on the occasion of ITMA 2015 Milan are now bringing the long awaited results: Smit changed the whole Group mission and orders keep on arriving.

«I’m sure -adds Businaro- that one of the ways to contribute to the restart of the country, is to create new opportunities. We want to serve customers all over the world and Smit represents a key element for the strategic development of the Group. Today we are the only technology provider from weaving to finishing, from weaving to technical textile productions and no other textile machinery producers can claim the same. We will invest several millions in the next years for Smit growth with the goal of producing 800 looms per year».


giornale di vicenza_august 24 2016

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Gran crecimiento del Grupo Santex Rimar

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Gran crecimiento del Grupo Santex Rimar

Con la adquisiciòn del fabricante de telares SMIT, el grupo ofrece también màquinas de acabado, laminado, y tratamiento de agua.

Textiles Panamericanos

Julio-Agosto 2016

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SANTEX RIMAR GROUP is looking forward to meeting you

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SANTEX RIMAR GROUP is looking forward to meeting you at

FEBRATEX | Blumenau, Brazil | August 9th – 12th

CHINA COMPOSITES EXPO | Shanghai, China | August 31st – September 2nd

IRANTEX | Teheran, Iran | September 3rd – 6th

WATEC ITALY | Venice, Italy | September 21st – 23rd

CINTE | Shanghai, China | October 12th – 14th

ITMA Asia | Shanghai, China | October 21st – 25th

ITME | Mumbai, India | December 3rd – 8th


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SANTEX RIMAR GROUP is announcing an agreement with FEPLA SL

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SANTEX RIMAR GROUP is announcing an agreement with Fepla SL to represent Isotex: coating, embossing and printing machines. ISOTEX Engineering is part of SANTEX RIMAR GROUP and it is a specialist producer of technologies for the production of technical textiles and composite materials. With more than fifty years of experience ISOTEX offers its global customers not only a wide range of products but also innovative and customized solutions. ISOTEX was founded in Italy in 1957 as a manufacturer of textile machines while the continuous development of advanced coating and laminating system based on wet coat technology for synthetic leather, airbags and other technical applications, has earned ISOTEX a worldwide reputation.

Fepla SL is a company with longstanding experience in the field of commercial agency, being exclusive Agents in Spain for several European companies. Nowadays its commercial activity is carried out in the following sectors: plastics, textile industry, chemical industry and glass.

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SANTEX RIMAR GROUP celebrates the official entrance of SMIT among its brands with a cocktail for all employees in the suggestive scenario of Villa Trissino Marzotto, which is situated close to the Group headquartes and which was the house of Giannino Marzotto – founder of the Group’s shareholders family. On June 21st SMIT has been celebrated also as an ACIMIT member: Stefano Gallucci, Group CEO receives the plaque from Raffaella Carabelli, ACIMIT’ President.





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