Santex Rimar Group firmly moves in the weaving machine sector

SANTEX RIMAR GROUP has firmly moved in the weaving machine sector of the textile industry with the official entrance of SMIT, one of the world leading manufacturer of weaving machines.

SMIT has been a forerunner in the weaving textile machine sector since 1938 and has become a key player worldwide in supplying weaving machines for a large variety of applications from garments fabrics to home textiles, terry cloths and technical fabrics.

SANTEX RIMAR GROUP and SMIT share values such as quality, high levels of innovation, flexibility, versatility and commitment to fulfil customer’s expectations.

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The achieved synergy between SMIT and SANTEX RIMAR GROUP allows customers to rely on a global service network, high quality products, deep technological heritage and above all on an integrated technology provider for all production processes, from loom to finished – natural and technical – textiles.

We are from now on available in our headquarters in Trissino (Vicenza, Italy), please do not hesitate to contact us at:
C2010-530 dumps | – +39 0445 1761452 – Mobile +39 342 3830483 for new products – Mobile +39 342 9709707 for spare parts – Mobile +39 345 7729467 for general information