The relaunch of SMIT after bankruptcy

The first textile machinery had been shipped from Santex Rimar Group factory located in Trissino

Smit factory was built in 1938, but in January 2015 bankrupted. Ferdinando Businaro, Santex Rimar Group President, said: «It’s an important and decisive element for the strategic development of Santex Rimar Group and we want to have it alive again».

The plans have been respected. The first Santex Rimar Group loom for terry fabrics of the new era left the establishment in Trissino. Its destination is an important client of the Far East who believes in the relaunch of the company.

It was quite a long time that Smit was not producing weaving machines anymore. For Ferdinando Businaro restarting producing was possible thanks to the skills of people and to the “courageous intelligence” necessary for rebuilding Smit reputation and for making it big as it was, maybe even more.

«It is so moving to observe these machines working – said the technician Gecchelin – they still represent a cutting edge technological vision that with no doubts will continuously grow».

After 3 years of inactivity Smit restarts producing in Trissino (Vicenza) where Santex Rimar Group headquarters are based and people who have been previously working for the company had been already rehired and their number will double in the next months.

«We have decided to move in Trissino, where we are owners of the whole industrial area, in order to be more competitive and to implement innovation, quality and flexibility to better satisfy customers».

But the goals of the President and of Stefano Gallucci, Group CEO, are even more ambitious and the operations which started on the occasion of ITMA 2015 Milan are now bringing the long awaited results: Smit changed the whole Group mission and orders keep on arriving.

«I’m sure -adds Businaro- that one of the ways to contribute to the restart of the country, is to create new opportunities. We want to serve customers all over the world and Smit represents a key element for the strategic development of the Group. Today we are the only technology provider from weaving to finishing, from weaving to technical textile productions and no other textile machinery producers can claim the same. We will invest several millions in the next years for Smit growth with the goal of producing 800 looms per year».


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