Santex Rimar Group is one of the leading players in the world market of textile machinery manufacturers for weaving, textile finishing, technical textiles, and green technologies for water treatment and drying processes.

SMIT is a renowned producer of weaving machines founded in 1938. The weaving know-how comes from the long-lasting and famous textile tradition of one of the Italian historic productive centers based in the North-East of Italy. Smit is today still based in the textile valley where it was born, producing weaving machines renowned for the high standard levels of versatility, productivity, and innovation, ensuring competitive quality among an extensive variety of applications.

With Smit 2FAST rapier machine, you can achieve the best fabric construction at the highest speed with the lowest stress for the yarns thanks to the longest beating time during weaving: fabrics are the most important part of Smit machines.

Group core brands in the Textile Finishing machines manufacturing are SANTEX and SPEROTTO RIMAR, whereas Santex has a focus on the dryers for the knitted fabrics industry, Sperotto Rimar offers solutions for the textile finishing of both woven and knits.

The recent use of elastic yarns for sportswear articles brought to further developments in the different finishing stages and, among them, the wet-sueding technology of Plurima produced by Sperotto Rimar which uses water as fiber lubricant achieving a soft although pileless fabric surface.

Synthetic intimate underwear is particularly gaining a soft sensation of smooth velvet in contact with the skin. The silky and smooth touch of the fabrics combined with a natural stretch effect on the fabric warp are only some of the high added value results of a new compacting concept based on a revolutionary system which exploits the use of a special belt with specific elasticity values: Compas is the new open width compacting and finishing machine produced by Sperotto Rimar for both knitted and woven fabrics.

CAVITEC and ISOTEX are reference brands for the technical textile machinery markets.

Cavitec is well known as a manufacturer for hot-melt adhesive machines mainly for technical textiles coating and lamination purposes. Hotmelt technology is the most environment-friendly coating and lamination process due to its solvent-free compound because it does not have to be dried or further processed.

With more than 50 years of experience and more than 150 prepreg-lines supplied around the world, Cavitec engineers and produces also machines for prepreg continuously developing features for the different industries, including sportswear.

Isotex offers cutting-edge solutions for coating and laminating to produce waterproof, breathable and abrasion-resistant, resin-coated and coated items for technical clothing. Isowear technology is mainly used for sportswear (waterproof and breathable jackets, sailing jackets, windbreakers, caps, technical and sports shoes) and military clothing, light mats, ski, sails for sails boats.

Cavitec and Isotex pilot plants are based in Switzerland: at the technical center it is possible to develop new technologies processes and test new materials.

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