Isowear is designed for the production of waterproof, breathable and abrasion-resistant coated items used for sportswear, sailing jackets, ski jackets, wind-breakers, caps, technical and sports shoes, military clothing, camouflage, bags and rucksacks, travel bags, light mats sails for sail boats, spinnakers, etc.

ISOWEAR Resin-coated production machine

The evolution in technical fabrics: resin-coated production

The features of fabrics produced with Isowear change according to the applications, from lightweight resin-coating for special fashion effects, to coatings for technical features as waterproofness, breathability and flame retardant effect.
The lines can include different coating systems, impregnation, embossing and lamination. Products for the fashion industry may combine technical features with different surface effects and printing.

Technical data

1-head coating and impregnating line


1-head continuous line with calender


Table width: 1800 ÷ 2400 mm
Working speed: 30 m/min
Pulling value: 50 daN


COATING TECHNOLOGY: knife on air, knife on roll, “engraved” roll, “kiss roll”, impregnation and different options for the coating units can be included.

ONE-CYCLE PRODUCTION: lines with different coating stations and fabric turning system allow one single-pass process depending on specific requirements.

EXTRA PRODUCTION POSSIBILITIES: are achievable by adding SMOOTHING AND EMBOSSING CALENDERS, LAMINATIONS and other technologies as printing with engraved rolls and rotary screen.

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