Weaving machines since 1938

Globally recognized as a forerunner in weaving technology, SMIT is a manufacturer of weaving machines established in 1938 and renowned for its high standard levels of innovation, productivity and versatility, ensuring competitiveness throughout a large variety of applications.

In 1958 SMIT presented the very first flexible-ribbon weaving machine of the world.

The technology characterizing today SMIT rapier loom machines includes rapier weft insertion for home textiles, garments, terry towels and customized solutions to produce special technical fabrics.

SMIT expertise develops structural architecture concepts involving the whole machine project – mechanics, electronics and communication systems – to provide the most advantageous weaving machine configurations to produce high quality fabrics for any sector, widening weaver’s market access in an extensive variety of arrangement options.

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High speed weaving machine with compact design



Speed combined with efficiency and versatility


GS980 F

Free flight rapier machine for terry


The real-time quality control system

Guard One is a real-time quality control system based on visual monitoring.

With a high definition camera positioned on a sliding bar, Guard One is able to scan the whole fabric length controlling the structure of the fabrics from a few centimetres distance. Guard One can detect and identify breaks in real-time during fabrics production of a wide range of applications.

Guard One protects your profitability and production consistency!

POR Veneto