Highest productivity in terms of speed and efficiency, ergonomic style changing, flexibility with the widest range of fabrics, low rate consumption are the answers to market demands by Smit GS940C.

Smit - weaving rapier machine - GS940C 220

The GS940C modularity concept integrates an extensive variety of arrangement options

Thanks to dynamic controlled flexible tape rapiers, that ensures excellent performance in all the reed width range -from 140 up to 360 cm- the GS940C shows evidence of extreme versatility, with productivity levels that exceed 1500 m/min of inserted weft, depending on the weaving width.

Fabrics for fashion, furnishing, technical applications and classic fabrics with exclusive yarns and patterns are today woven with excellent quality and high efficiency on GS940C.

Thanks to Smit “dynamic controlled” flexible tape rapiers system, combined with development of advanced “mechatronic” solutions enhancing the weft insertion, the results obtained with the GS940C machine offer decisive competitive advantages, not only in the most sophisticated clothing and furnishing sectors, but also in fields such as those of technical fabrics for safety applications, glass fabrics for electronics, fabrics for filters and for sportswear, in which mono and multifilament yarns are used requiring extreme regularity in fabric construction.



Free Flight Ribbons System, without ribbon guide hooks, provides the fastest weaving width change, high textile efficiency and top fabric quality even in presence of most delicate warp fibers.

The sturdy machine structure and the optimized distribution of mechanism masses ensure the greatest stability and the most effective reduction of dynamic load on the floor.

Functionality and ergonomics are the qualities that strike you immediately

The absence of ribbon guides ensures the most effective reduction of operating costs

Smit Gripper System with reduced cross section complying with the warp shed geometry

Electronic Weft Selector

Automatic Electronically-controlled Weft Cutter with “self-adapting” regulation of optimal cutting conditions

Quick Style Change Solution

Free Flight Ribbons System


Rapier Drive, carried out with a “spherical crankshaft”, is characterized by optimal acceleration and speed profiles

Direct Drive control


High flexibility and excellent fabric quality, elements that have always distinguished Smit machines, have been further improved in GS940C.

The textile geometries of the GS940C machine create the ideal conditions for working with warps made with any type of yarn.

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