Textile weaving machine SMIT GS980 improve productivity in terms of speed combined with efficiency and versatility for the widest range of production.

textile weaving machine GS980 Smit

Textile Weaving Machine Smit GS980

Fabrics for apparel, home textile, technical applications and fabrics with exclusive yarns and patterns are today woven with excellent quality on SMIT GS980.
The free flight ribbons system marks out SMIT textile weaving machine since many years: smart and flexible, SMIT GS980 is conceived in Italy combining some of the most reliable SMIT features with groundbreaking function solutions that make SMIT GS980 an asset that will keep its value for a long time.

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GS980 F

Free flight rapier machine for terry


Technical Fabrics

Technical textiles productions



High speed weaving machine with compact design


The real-time quality control system

Guard One is a real-time quality control system based on visual monitoring.

With a high definition camera positioned on a sliding bar, Guard One is able to scan the whole fabric length controlling the structure of the fabrics from a few centimetres distance. Guard One can detect and identify breaks in real-time during fabrics production of a wide range of applications.

Guard One protects your profitability and production consistency!