The technical evolution based on the GS series, is renowed for its ease of use and high performances.

One - Smit Weaving Machinery Manufacturer


The weft insertion performed by a single rapier and the numerous improvements in mechanic and electronic groups increase the already high quality standards. The ONE modularity concept integrates an extensive variety of arrangement options.

Thanks to the dynamically controlled flexible tape rapier, that ensures excellent performance in all reed widths range – from 140 up to 220 cm – ONE shows evidence of extreme versatility. Three different solutions of fancy beam are available, with beam flanges diameter up to 1000 mm.



A patented system performs the presentation of the weft always in the same position, ensuring an effective and repetitive clamp

Functionality and ergonomics are the qualities that strike you immediately

The absence of ribbon guides ensures the most effective reduction of operating costs

Smit One Gripper System, with reduced cross section complying with the warp shed geometry, which is reduced when compared to a traditional double gripper machine

Electronic Weft Selector

Automatic Electronically-controlled Weft Cutter with “self-adapting” regulation of optimal cutting conditions.


Free Flight Ribbons System

Textile Geometries


Direct Drive control

Full Touch Screen

Smart Weave


The GS940 Smart Platform architecture provides the most advantageous weaving machine configurations to produce high quality fabrics for any sector, widening the weaver’s creativity and the market access.

The adoption of an insertion system based on one rapier only, therefore without weft transfer in the centre of the shed, allows the use of the widest range of yarns, an unparalleled simplicity in the article change and minimum maintenance costs.

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High speed weaving machine with compact design



Speed combined with efficiency and versatility


GS980 F

Free flight rapier machine for terry


The real-time quality control system

Guard One is a real-time quality control system based on visual monitoring.

With a high definition camera positioned on a sliding bar, Guard One is able to scan the whole fabric length controlling the structure of the fabrics from a few centimetres distance. Guard One can detect and identify breaks in real-time during fabrics production of a wide range of applications.

Guard One protects your profitability and production consistency!