Technical Fabrics

Perfect suitability for each specific application, optimal performance and highest quality standards, several thousands of Smit weaving machines in technical textiles sector are operating all over the world.

GS940T Technical Fabrics Weaving Machine

Technical Fabrics Weaving Machines

Built on the Modularity concept, Smit weaving machines give complete freedom also for heavy customizations. The weaving machine manufacturing is driven by your specific application needs.


Smit Technical Fabrics Range

Glass fibers: minimum stress on warp, extremely regular weft insertion with a large range of yarn counts

Industrial/heavy fabrics Conveyor belts: High precision with high warp tension and high cover factor

Airbag fabrics: Highest cover factor with precision and delicate yarn handling

High precision printing fabric, Bolting cloth, wire fabrics: Maximum precision in fabric with minimum yarn stress

Aramid fibers: Constant fabric properties


High performance weaving machines for maximum productivity in technical textiles.

The functional, compact and userfriendly design represents an optimal combination in terms of stability and performance.

The modularity concept developed for these machines and their weft transport technology permit working widths of 140 to 360 cm always with excellent insertion rates.

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High speed weaving machine with compact design


GS980 F

Free flight rapier machine for terry



Speed combined with efficiency and versatility


The real-time quality control system

Guard One is a real-time quality control system based on visual monitoring.

With a high definition camera positioned on a sliding bar, Guard One is able to scan the whole fabric length controlling the structure of the fabrics from a few centimetres distance. Guard One can detect and identify breaks in real-time during fabrics production of a wide range of applications.

Guard One protects your profitability and production consistency!