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Santashrink Super Jumbo

High-Speed Drying

The Swiss-engineered air nozzle system of the Santashrink Super Jumbo relax dryer combined with intelligent process management achieve the highest evaporation capacities and in addition excellent residual shrinkage results in knitwear as well as woven fabrics.

Santashrink Super Jumbo textile relax dryer


Santashrink Super Jumbo: high-speed textile dryer with low production costs

The Santashrink is made in Switzerland and featured on a modular basis: each dryer chamber is 2 m long with working widths varying between 1800 and 3400 mm. It works on three levels, equipped with upper and lower conveyor belts each. Every level presents specially conceived nozzles in order to guarantee the most effective airflow and airspeed through each step of the drying process. The system works in an optimized balance between required electrical and thermal energy and production output. By this means the drying capacity on one side and the energy input on the other side, lead to high productivity figures and extremely low drying costs/kg fabric. This produces an energy savings of around 35% against many other relax dryers in the market.

  • Higher productivity
  • Much lower production costs
  • Bulky and soft fabric
  • Better quality in shrinkage values and hand feel
  • Easy operations
  • Extremely uniform temperature distribution in the drying zone of the fabric relaxing machine
  • Highly effective thermal insulation
  • Excellent residual shrinkage values
  • Adjustable distance between upper and lower nozzles
  • Chamber number chosen according to the needed drying capacity
  • Tensionless outlet
  • Low maintenance needed
  • Easy addition of chambers and other components (pin frame and padders)



The Santex design creates higher drying capacity while using less energy. Wherever drying capacity is required, it is considerably cheaper to pass the fabrics through a Santex relax dryer and leave only the heat setting and chemical curing capacities to stenter frames.

When compared to drying on a stenter frame it is 30 to 40% less expensive to dry on a Santex relax dryer. This textile finishing technique applies to both knit and woven fabrics.

ENAIRSAVE – The ideal Energy Saving System

The introduction of additional energy saving devices is a recommended second step after having optimized the fabric flow process in a mill. Santex ENAIRSAVE system takes all above mentioned parameters into consideration and achieves thermo efficiencies of more than 74%. The system based on a rotating disc equipped with lamellae with a high surface leads the exhaust air through it. This passes through the rotating disc in a laminar flow hence avoiding pressure loss and contaminations.


The latest Santashrink Super Jumbo installed


Santashrink Super Jumbo has exceeded all expectations

Turbo Tekstil

The Santashrink Super Jumbo textile dryer recently installed at Turbo Tekstil San. ve Tic. A.S. in Turkey has exceeded all expectations.

Both, Mr. Turgay Çolakoğlu, CEO, and Mr. Deniz Çolakoğlu, General Manager (picture right), stated that they are delighted with the high performance of the relaxation dryer.

Turbo Tekstil is processing tubular knits as well as open width knits and thanks to the excellent performance of the machine, they have switched the open width production from their stenter frames to the Santashrink Super Jumbo textile dryer due to these three facts:

  • Higher productivity
  • Much lower production costs
  • Better quality in residual shrinkage values and hand feel

Curly Selvedge Problem Solved

At Turbo Tekstil San. ve Tic. A.S. in Turkey it has also been proved, that fabrics with Elastan content which show a high tendency of curly selvedges, can easily be processed through Santashrink Progress Super Jumbo fabric relaxing machine.

The fabrics are overstretched on the pin frame which is positioned in front of the feeding unit of the dryer. The pin frame is equipped with powerful selvedge dryers so that the fabric can be gently deposited on the upper transport belt.

The intelligent process combined with special designed slotted nozzles to uncurl the edges during the drying process throughout the three levels permit the fabric to fully relax and eliminating most of the elongation stress from the wet process.

At the exit of the machine, the fabric does not show any curly selvedges.


Saving in Compaction Capacities with our Textile Dryer

Turbo Tekstil states, that:

“the residual shrinkage achieved after Santashrink Super Jumbo in many different qualities, makes the compacting process much easier and more efficient, yet another cost saving factor.”

The following PDF shows results on different fabric qualities.

PDF results show that the finishing process with our Santashrink Super Jumbo fabric dryer machine has the capability to deliver relaxed fabrics with residual shrinkages which are at a good level of acceptance so that additional compaction would deliver outstanding textile qualities due to the excellent previous performance of our dryer.


santacompact RD

Santacompact RD

Levelling, steaming and compacting calander

SANTASYNPACT Levelling, steaming and compacting


Levelling, steaming and compacting

SANTASPREAD Steaming and compacting


Steaming and compacting of tubular fabrics

SantexSantex: Machines for the finishing of knitted fabrics

SINCE 1982

Santex is at the forefront of technology for textile finishing of knitted fabrics such as cotton, blended cotton and viscose. The goal of Santex is maximizing performances at low energy to achieve low residual shrinkage, soft hand feel and luster on surfaces of textiles.

Many of the most world-famous fashion houses are relying on the know-how of Santex which was founded in Switzerland in 1982.

Santex offers specialized machines for open width fabric surface treatment as well as various energy saving options which results in customer benefits through a sustainable production and low CO2 values.

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SANTEX RIMAR GROUP is one of the leading players in the world market of textile finishing, technical textiles, weaving, and green technologies for water treatment and drying processes.
The Group is a textile machine manufacturer and a technology partner for knitted, woven and fabrics, and green solutions.

SANTEX RIMAR GROUP has reached the perfect balance of deep knowledge, design and high quality throughout the production process to build a strong, long-lasting, and mutually beneficial relationship with the customers.

SANTEX RIMAR GROUP stands for quality, reliability, and excellent automation.

Santex is a SANTEX RIMAR GROUP company since 2016.

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