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Textile Finishing Machine Manufacturers

Sperotto Rimar and Santex are known to be leading innovators and manufacturers of textile finishing machines.

Founded in Italy in 1949, Sperotto Rimar is specialized in fabrics, both natural and artificial, finishing machines. Santex, founded in Switzerland in 1982, is at the forefront of technology for textile finishing of knitted fabrics such as cotton, blended cotton and viscose.

Textile Finishing


Textile finishing machine manufacturers

Long experience, rich history, and deep know-how are the main features of Sperotto Rimar and Santex. After more than 60 years of activity, Sperotto Rimar is world-renowned for product reliability and technical expertise.

Santex is known for textile process knowledge and how to maximizing performances at low energy consumption to achieve a soft hand feel and luster on fabrics surfaces.

Both companies are specialized in developing and manufacturing machines for the finishing of fabrics and are at the heart of the most demanding markets for high-quality textiles by developing innovative finishing processes for knitted and woven fabrics, both natural fibers and blends.

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Our Bestsellers


Compas: compacting and finishing machine


compacting and finishing machine

Decofast 4.0: Continuous decatizing process under pressure

Decofast 4.0

Continuous decatizing process under pressure

Plurima: Wet Sueding Machine


Wet Sueding Machine

Multidecat 2.0: Continuous decatizing machine

Multidecat 2.0

Continuous decatizing machine

Nova: Continuous solvent scouring machines for textile finishing


Continuous solvent scouring machines for textile finishing

Plana: Efficient atmospheric plasma for natural fibers


Efficient atmospheric plasma for natural fibers

Calibra: Single and double head Shearing Machine


Single and double head Shearing Machine

Softa: High speed sueding brushing machine


High speed sueding brushing machine

santacompact RD

Santacompact RD

Levelling, steaming and compacting calander

SANTASHRINK-PROGRESS SUPER_JUMBO Tensionless drying, shrinking and relaxing

Santashrink Progress

Integrated treatment system for the shrinkage

SANTASHRINK SUPER_JUMBO drying, shrinking and relaxing machine


Tensionless drying, shrinking and relaxing

SANTASYNPACT Levelling, steaming and compacting


Levelling, steaming and compacting

SANTASHRINK Tensionsless drying, shrinking and relaxing - relax dryer machine


Tensionsless drying, shrinking and relaxing

SANTASPREAD Steaming and compacting


Steaming and compacting of tubular fabrics

SANTASTRETCH Dewatering and overstretching


Dewatering and overstretching / wet on wet impregnation



Optimized drying for green textile process

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COMPAS: The Compacting Revolution

The brand-new Sperotto Rimar compacting machine designed and manufactured in Italy globally premiered at ITMA EUROPE 2019 in Barcelona and struck the attention of the most advanced manufacturers.

The compacting concept is based on a revolutionary system which exploits the use of a special belt with specific elasticity values.
Such elasticity is exploited in order to enhance the fabrics compacting with a calender machine.

Compas: the new frontier of compacting for woven, knits, natural fibers and blends!


Santashrink Super Jumbo: the Most Powerful Relaxation Dryer in the World

The Santashrink Super Jumbo relax dryer reassures the latest state of the art technologies concerning operating processes, linked with the latest findings of air technology.
The specially engineered air nozzle system combined with intelligent process management achieves the highest evaporation capacities and in addition excellent residual shrinkage results in knitwear as well as woven fabrics.

The Santex design creates higher drying capacity while using less energy. Result in higher productivity at significantly lower drying costs per kg fabric when compared to many other dryers in the market. The energy savings alone is around 35%. It should also be noted that when compared to drying on a stenter frame it is 30 to 40% less expensive to dry on a Santex relax dryer.

Mr. Turgay Çolakoğlu, owner of Turbo Tekstil San. ve Tic. A.S. in Turkey, and Mr. Deniz Çolakoğlu, general manager, were able to save from 30 to 40% of production costs thanks to the Santashrink Super Jumbo.

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Sperotto Rimar and Santex are SANTEX RIMAR GROUP companies

SANTEX RIMAR GROUP is one of the leading players in the world market of textile finishing, technical textiles, weaving and green technologies for water treatment and drying processes.
The Group is a textile machine manufacturer and a technology partner for knitted, woven and fabrics, and green solutions.

SANTEX RIMAR GROUP has reached the perfect balance of deep knowledge, design and high quality throughout the production process to build a strong, long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with the customers.

SANTEX RIMAR GROUP stands for quality, reliability and excellent automation.

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