The final event of the ninth edition of the Gaetano Marzotto Prize sponsored and promoted by Santex Rimar Group shareholders was held in Rome at the Link Campus University: 500 applications, 45 award-winning startups, millions of euros prizes had been given to young Italian entrepreneurs.

Santex Rimar Group actively participates with the Special Fast Track Corporate Award and this year awarded CLOBOT: autonomous apparel production robots.

Giulio Mandruzzato, CTO Santex Group Rimar stated: «Santex Rimar is a manufacturing group committed to continuous research and development of new sustainable technologies for the textile machinery industry. Being able to completely automate the T-shirt manufacturing process, typically made by hand, is a goal that can create new opportunities.

For this reason, we have decided to reward Clobot and its robots which can reduce the production costs of 40%».

CLOBOT: autonomous apparel productions robots

Sector: Fashion/ Furniture/ Design Tech – Industry 4.0
Place of Origin: Prato, Tuscany – Italy

Short description:  T-Bot is an autonomous patented robot that produces T-shirts and can manage all the processing phases. The line starts from the unrolling of the fabric, cuts, labels, assembles, stretches, folds, wraps, boxes, codes, and supplies the completely finished product. A T-Bot produces 10,000 T-shirts in 24 hours, one every 9 seconds, with the support of a single operator per work shift.

Type of business: B2B | Development Phase: On sale

The video of the event is available here