Isorubber is designed for the production of rubber

ISORUBBER Rubber-coated fabrics machine

Rubber-coated fabrics: resistance and safety

Isorubber is designed for the production of rubber coated fabrics for marine applications, inflatables, offset printing blankets, mattresses, protective clothing and membranes for gas meters and other technical applications.

Our lines for special applications achieve high mechanical strength, resistance to abrasion and cuts as well as total waterproofness and air-sealing to maintain constant pressure (example: rubber dinghies and inflatable mattresses and accessories).

Technical data

1-head spreading for rubber with close loop


2-heads rubber front/rear coating line


Table width: 2600 mm
Working speed: 30 m/min
Pulling value: 30 ÷ 170 daN


FLEXIBILITY: to obtain the widest possible range of items with the most cost effective investment.

HIGH-PRECISION COATING: our state of the art coating heads with high automation and full control of the process allow to reach high consistency and quality of production, with special care for thickness and weight control, before and after coating.

OPTIMAL DRYING: maximum quality and energy efficiency is obtained with special oven sections for the optimal drying of solvents and water.

MULTIPLE CYCLE PRODUCTION: continuous production with close “loops” and double-sided resin/coating systems guarantee maximum efficiency of the production process.

OTHER OPTIONS FOR THE PRODUCTION: It is possible to add other solution with the addition of LAMINATION, EMBOSSING, SPECIAL WINDING SOLUTION for the optimal curing process and the integration with other lines for INSPECTION and GRINDING.

Customized solutions can be developed to meet special requirements.

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