Isotack is designed for the production of self-adhesive tapes and pressure sensitive adhesives for industrial applications and technical use.

ISOTACK System for textile self-adhesive

Self-adhesive materials and silicon paper

Self-adhesive items produced with Isotack offer high contact adhesive and long-lasting features, personalize as well as several finishing and printing solutions.

Isotack lines are also designed to manufacture PVC cast film for the graphic industry, automotive (car wrapping), boats, etc… The line can process the PVC cast film and its adhesivation. Special solutions guarantee the perfect control of the tension with motorization of the rolls in the oven and to maintain the quality of the materials processed in the line.

Technical data

Adhesive and PVC cast film tape coating line


Adhesive tape coating line


Table width: 1800 mm
Working speed: 80 m/mim
Pulling value: 50 daN


RELIABILITY: during production cycles fabrics are constantly tensioned.

FLEXIBILITY: solvent or water-based adhesives and U.V. curing adhesives or ink can be used. A wide range of features is obtained with multiple coatings and laminations.

HIGH-PRECISION COATING: our state of the art coating heads with high automation and full control of the process allow to reach high consistency and quality of production, with special care for thickness and weight control, before and after coating.

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