Isotarp is designed for the production of multi-purpose tarpaulins. The range of application includes truck covers and side curtains, trailer roofs, train and container covers, architectural membranes, sport centers and pool covers, rolling doors, front-lit and back-lit banners for advertising and digital printing, awnings and inflatable items.

Multi-use tarpaulins

Isotex has developed a strong experience in this sector producing lines with very flexible technical solutions meeting the increasing demand of new products and with the use of a wider range of raw materials in the production process.


One side coated fabrics are used as boat covers. Other special applications include ventilation ducts for the mining industry, oil booms, biogas containers and manure containment for the agricultural sector, heavy duty machine protection, flexible tanks, pond liner and sheeting for water reservoirs.

Tarpaulins can be characterized with outstanding tear and abrasion resistance, fire-retardant and self-extinguishing properties and other technical features according to the final use as the resistance to mineral oil or salty water. A wide range of surface finish can be obtained by embossing as well as by printing and lacquering.

Technical data

Horizontal tarpaulins line


Printing line


Table width: 3800 mm
Working speed: 40 m/min
Pulling value: max 500 daN


CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS: specialized technical expertise allows ISOTEX to develop solutions that fully meet the customer’s needs as well as the latest industrial standards

ON-LINE FINISH: printing and lacquering can be included in one complete production line or supplied in separate lines.

QUALITY AND ACCURACY: coating heads fitted with intelligent doctor blades, a special “Variable Linearity Blade”, ensure coating precision at micrometric level.

EFFICIENTY PRODUCTION PROCESS: double layer coatings on both sides is achieved in a single production run. Other solutions within the line allows to reach the maximum efficiency in the production of a wide range of articles.

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Pilot lines

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