Santacompact Rd

The SANTACOMPACT RD provides the best dimensional stability for the finishing of high Quality open-width knitted fabrics.

santacompact RD

Levelling, steaming and compacting calander

Suitable for fabrics made of natural and man-made fibers it provides the minimum possible residual shrinkage values in the compacting zones and delicate handling of fabric through the machine.


Main Features

  • Excellent dimensional stability of fabrics. Tensionless and distortion-free processing through pinning, equalizing frame with individual chain drive and specially new designed chain, condensate-free, motor driven middle support, compact and efficient moistening using V-steam-box, specially designed felt belts in the compacting zones
  • Tensionless and distortion-free pinning with short, direct and crease-free feed into the compacting unit
  • Condensate-free steam box with compensation for different widths, completely corrosion-resistant version
  • Specially designed elastic felt belt in both compacting units
  • Heatable smoothing and shrinking rollers for a soften fabric touch

Technical data


Working width: 2400 mm others on request
Total width: working width + 1,7 m
Machine speed: 50 m/min
Working speed: 35 m/min
Power supply: 70 kW incl. options
Options: Additional moistening device, automatic weft straightener, edge gumming and drying, edge cutting and selvedge extraction, automatic width measurement, inspection table and winding unit, cooling unit, J-Box, batching winder
Length: approx 14 m


  • Specially designed chain, lubrication-free, low maintenance. Stainless steel chain rails – high strength and light weight – reduced power requirement
  • Completely electronically controlled with the latest automation technology, using load cell, PLC, user – friendly touch screen
  • Digitally controlled shoe adjustment in the compacting zones
  • V – steam-box: most efficient, automatically adjustable for different widths, 100% coverage and moistening of fabrics easy to clean
  • Inbuilt manual weft straightener for correcting the skew on the fabric
  • Integrated control panel at the entry of the machine for efficient space utilization, compact machine design
  • Specially designed compacting zones, overfeed (pinning) zones
  • Easy maintenance, better accessibility of mechanical components
  • Left and right chain speeds can be adjusted relative to each other to help when straightening the weft
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