Finishing of tubular knitted fabrics on the SANTASPREAD sets new standards. It surpassed existing quality levels and secures the results of preceding shrink and relax dryers basis for minimal residual shrink values in the final goods.

SANTASPREAD Steaming and compacting

Steaming and compacting of tubular fabrics

The knitted fabrics coming completely relaxed from the shrinkdryer can be guided to the SANTASPREAD steaming and compacting calender throught a specially designed feeding unit and scray device.

The SANTASPREAD variants facilitate expensive computer aided automation, as well as the final inspection of finished fabrics.



The fabric is led horizontally to the full magnetic spreader ALBATROS which then takes the fabric through the steam box onto the felt belts of the compacting and calendering units. In order to treat both sides of the tubular fabric, two compacting and calendering units are connected in series. At the exit, the machine in standard execution is equipped with a precision plaiter and a table fabric platform. In an alternative special execution, instead of the plaiting device, the machine could also be equipped with a fabric rolling system. When an individual roll is completed, it is automatically moved away from the plaiting platform for disposal as required.

Technical data


Working width: 1600 mm
Total width: + 1.4 m
Machine speed: 5 – 50 m/min
Drive system: Electronically adjustable by load cells
Power supply: Approx 22 kw


  • Excellent residual shrinkage
  • Increased compacting and shrinking scope due to individually adjustable drives for differential speeds
  • Enhanced compacting power due to specially developed multi-layer felt belts which can reduce the residual shrinkage
  • Making free tubular guidance and contactless fabric transport with width control due to our patented fully magnetic tubular spreader ALBATROS
  • Santamatic enables the compacting to be automated with optimum reproducibility
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Santacompact RD

Levelling, steaming and compacting calander



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