Dewatering, softener application and overstretching machine: your gain in the finishing of knitted fabrics.

SANTASTRETCH Dewatering and overstretching

Dewatering and overstretching / wet on wet impregnation

The process of hydro extraction and folding of tubular knits is quite frequently used as a combination of machines, comprising a centrifugal hydro-extractor or also a simple squeezing extractor with a wet-plaiting machine.

Centrifuging causes creases and wrinkles. These experiences in the practice induced Santex to develop the extracting and over stretching machine known as SANTASTRETCH. This modern machine can open, unravel, extract, over stretch and wet-compact the knitted fabric continuously in one single operation. SANTASTRETCH not only solves the problem but also brings two semi-continuous operations into a single, continuous processing step.

Technical data


Working width: 300 – 1600 mm
Total width: Working width + 1.25 m
Power supply: 16 kW
Working speed: 5 – 80 m/min
Compressed air supply: 6 bar
Length: 8 m


  • Sound process engineering trough continuous operation from trolley to trolley. A combination of treatment stages which include rope-opening, unravelling, hydro-extraction, softener application overstretching in one single operation
  • Wet-on-wet applications (softener)
  • Easy handling and reduction of operating personnel
  • No changing of spreaders for different fabric widths. Consequently, increased productivity, because there are fewer machine downtimes
  • Edge marks are avoided by overstretching the tubular fabrics on our magnetic spreader ALBATROS after they have passed throught the squeeze rollers
  • Excellent hydro-extraction thanks to the use of specially rubberized squeezing rollers
  • Optimum residual shrinkage values through controlled overstretching and wet-compacting of the width, the best prerequisite for the subsequent drying process
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