The fully integrated design avoids long distances where fabric runs unsupported. This is important if elongation and width variations are to be avoided.

SANTASYNPACT Levelling, steaming and compacting

Levelling, steaming and compacting

Electronic force measuring rollers are at every regulation position providing total control over fabric tension, extremely gentle fabric handling, and allowing settings to be stored in a recipe for added repeatability.

At the heart of the SANTASYNPACT’s incredible performance is how the rubber shrinking unit and specially dimensioned felt compacting unit work together to double both the compacting performance and speed over standard compactors.


Independent left and right chain speeds, manual weft straightener and independently variable central fabric support belt speed provides extra flexibility in fabric handling and if desired, course angle adjustment. The automatic belt grinding system reduces operator error and extends the efficiency and production life on the belt. Low maintenance stainless steel chain and chain rails require less energy.


High speed pinning device
Rubber belt shrinking unit
Continuous water cooled rubber belt
Felt belt shrinking unit

Technical data


Working width: 800 – 2600 mm
Total width: Working width + 1.7 m
Machine speed: 0 – 80 m/min
Working speed: Up to 60 m/min
Power supply: Approx 75 kw
Length: Approx 16 m


  • Highest production speed up to 60 m/min
  • Best compacting, lowest residual shrinkage
  • As a result of the combination using rubber and feltbelt highest                         voluminousity smooth hand and lustrous fabric face
  • Uniform fabric made of cotton or blends
  • Excellent tension control using load cells
  • Maintenance friendly design easy access to all machine components


High production speed results in saving fees

  • Investment reduced in number of machines
  • Space requirement
  • Labor costs
  • Power and steam costs
  • Maintenance cost
  • Spare parts demand


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