A modular system which allows a quick change between four different systems: engraved roller, screen, slot nozzle and multi-roll.

CAVIFLEX Engraved roller textile machine

Caviflex Engraved roller machine for adhesive applications

A modular system which allows a quick change between four different systems: engraved roller, screen, slot nozzle and multi-roll.

This enables a wide range of adhesive applications from dot to full service coating, using both reactive and thermoplastic adhesives.
It has the first machinery which offers the possibility to operate in four different Hotmelt Coating Technologies in the same laminating plant.
Auxiliary equipment for heating, cooling, melting (extruder, drum or block melter, …) complete the scope of supply.


The available modules are:
CAVIMELT gravure roll
CAVIMELT multi roll
CAVISCREEN rotary screen
CAVISLOT slot die

CAVIFLEX can be equipped with only one or with a second application head with four different coating systems. The two head system allows the production of Tri-Laminates in one pass.

Technical data


Working width: 500 – 2600 mm
Working speed: 2 – 200 m/mim
Adhesives: Thermoplastic adhesive, Reactive PUR
Coating weights: Gravure rolls module: 3 – 80 g/m2 (provided the corresponding engraved rollers are purchased)
Multi roll module: 5 – 500 g/m2
Screen module: 8 – 50 g/m2 (provided the corresponding screens are purchased)
Slot die module: 1 – 200 g/m2
Substrate: Suitable fabrics, knitted fabrics, nonwovens, membranes, films, foams


  • Environmental-friendly process, free of solvents and water
  • No auxiliary equipment for the evaporation of exhaust air and other questionable emissions
  • Substrates are not subject to any deteriorating thermal stress
  • No drying or sintering needed
  • Lower power consumption-no special preparation of the coating mass
  • Wide range of application and flexibility thanks to the large selection of adhesives
  • Simple operation and high production reliability-large choice of substrates
  • Dot or a diversity of net-shaped coating patterns
  • Laminates with soft touch and surface application according to the specified requirements

Many of our customers utilize our well-equipped pilot plant to find viable solutions for their laminating requirements or to develop new innovative composites.

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