CAVI2COAT offers both the rotogravure and a number of multi-roll processes.

Both engraved roller and multi-roll systems are pre-installed.

CAVI2COAT Rotogravure textile machine

CAVI2COAT rotogravure and multi-roll processes coating machine

CAVI2COAT offers both the rotogravure and a number of multi-roll processes. Both engraved roller and multi-roll systems are pre-installed which allows you to switch effortlessly between dot and full surface coating. Under Rotogravure mode, the molten adhesive is put in a heated trough which is longitudinally in contact with the rotating gravure roll. In this manner, the cavities of the gravure roll are filled with adhesive. Under Multi-Roll mode, the molten adhesive lies between tow heated solid rollers.


Rotogravure mode: The adhesive is fed in plasticized form to a coating head. It is taken over by the engraved roll, the blank parts cleaned off with a doctor blade, the adhesive inside the cavities is transferred onto the substrate passing by on the pressure counter roll.

Multi-Roll mode: The adhesive is brought to the substrate to be coated either in the same direction of its motion (Direct Coating), against it (reverse Coating), or dipped-through (Both Side Coating). All systems provide full surface coating. Direct and Reverse Coating bring the adhesive on one face only for the substrate; the former is advised for high quantities of adhesive per gsm, whereas the latter allows more precision.

Another option is when the substrate passes through the gap of the coating and dosing roll. It is dipped through the adhesive and enables Both-Side-Coating.

Technical data


Working width: 1200 – 2600 mm
Working speed: up to 80 m/min
Adhesives: Thermoplastic adhesive, Reactive PUR
Coating weights: 3 – 80 g/m2 (rotogravure), 10 – 500 g/m2 (full-surface) 10 – 500 g/m2 (full-surface)
Substrate: Suitable fabrics, knitted fabrics, nonwovens, membranes, films, foams


The Hotmelt Technology offers a big range of advantages in comparison to conventional coating and laminating process:

  • Environmental-friendly process, free of solvents and water
  • No auxiliary equipment for the evaporation of exhaust air and other questionable emissions
  • Substrates are not subject to any deteriorating thermal stress
  • No drying or sintering needed
  • Lower power consumption-no special preparation of the coating mass
  • Wide range of application and flexibility thanks to the large selection of adhesives
  • Simple operation and high production reliability-large choice of substrates
  • Full surface, dot or a diversity of net-shaped coating patterns
  • High precision dosing and coating rolls enable a perfect full surface coating process. The dosing roll can be replaced by a rotogravure roll for partial and dot coating process
  • The backing roll is placed underneath the coating roll and the position can be preselected between Reverse-roll and Direct coating process
  • The coating modus can be changed between rotogravure and full-surface coating
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