Cavimelt P+P

CAVIMELT P+P is a compact machine developed with the goals of precision, production and cost effectiveness in Hotmelt coating and lamination using an engraved roller.

CAVIMELT_P-P Plug and Play

Cavimelt Plug and Play

Integrated within the machine frame are both the un- and re-winder, accepting rolls up to 600 mm in diameter.
Conversion to the alternative tensionless contact unwinding mode is performed simply through removal of the quickly detachable brush expander rollers. All well-known adheseves in thermoplastic and reactive Hotmelts are applicable.
Delivered pre-wired, assembled and tested, CAVIMELT P+P stands for Plug+Play because of short installation and commissioning time.

Technical data

cavimelt pp - machine cavitec

Working width: 1600 – 2400 mm
Operating speed: up to 40 m/mim
Coating methods: Rotogravure
Coating weights: 3 – 80 gsm
Adhesives: Thermoplastic adhesive reactive PUR


  • Compact stream lined machine with rotogravure system
  • High production and cost effectiviness
  • Unwinders and rewinders are integrated in the machine frame
  • Short and easy installation thanks integrated control system and compact design
  • Hotmelt coating using an engraved roller
  • Laminating unit
  • Different patterns available (round dots, pyramidal, nets, lines, etc.)

Many of our customers utilize our well-equipped pilot plant to find viable solutions for their laminating requirements or to develop new innovative composites.

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