Cavimelt Pro

Cavimelt Pro is the two-in-one machine featuring rapid switching between rotogravure and full-surface coating.

CAVITEC Cavimelt Pro rotogravure and full-surface coating

Cavimelt Pro for multi-functional coating

Cavimelt Pro is based on hotmelt technology. Hotmelt adhesives commonly used in textiles and technical textiles are one-component solvent-free thermoplastic polymers (non-reactive) or thermoset pre-polymers (reactive), which are heated to melting point before application. Hotmelts are applied in a hot plasticized state onto substrate materials such as wovens, knits, nonwovens, foams, membranes, films, nets, silicon paper etc.

In some applications, the material is coated only to change the surface composition, but more often the purpose is to bond or glue two layers of material together to build a composite material.

Cavimelt Pro is the two-in-one solution covering the most important application range, and offering users the opportunity to extend their customer base.


The quick-change application head combines gravure and full-surface coating in one single system. With this, it is possible to change in a few seconds from one coating method to the other, without the use of tools.

Technical data

cavimelt machinery

Working width: up to 2400 mm
Working speed: up to 100 m/min
Adhesives: reactive PU (PUR) and thermoplastic adhesives
Coating weights: from 3 – 200g/m2, depending on the coating mode
Substrate: wovens, knits, nonwovens, foams, membranes, films, nets, silicon paper, etc.
Applications: membranes of 5 micrometers to foam of 25 millimeters of thickness.


Cavimelt Pro is the new bi-functional hotmelt laminating machine which enables switching between rotogravure and full-surface coating quickly and easily.

  • Coating and lamination in one machine
  • Dosing roller driven by an individual motor for smooth operation
  • Special positioning of the doctor blade, which avoids the risk of leaking, even with extremely low viscosity values
  • High-precision wedge gap control between dosing and gravure/application roll to increase or decrease the coating weight in minimal steps
  • Substrates are not subject to any deteriorating thermal stress
  • Also ideal for sensitive materials and innovative applications
  • Free of solvents and water
  • Meeting the highest expectations for quality and sustainability
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