This scattering system applies dry powders, such as thermoplastic adhesive powder, or any other flowing aggregate accurately over the full width of the product.

CAVISCAT Scattering system for textile

Caviscat Scattering system

The grift is fed either manually or with vacuum or screw feeders into a funnel shaped trough. These scatter coating units can be delivered also as complete plants. A scatter roll rotating underneath the trough is conveying the product to be scattered to an oscillating brush, where it is evenly scattered via an oscillating sieve onto the underneath moving web material.

The scatter quantity is determined by the type of the needle roll, its rotating speed, and the web velocity. Complete coating and laminating lines with scattered coating or adhesive material. CAVISCAT scatterers are units for scattering of various web material with free-flowing grit.

The scattered thermoplastic grit (powder) is sintered under heat and therewith connected to the base material web. Infra-Red fields or Radiant technology is applied for heating. In case another layer is to be laminated on, it is fed to the calendar and there bonded by the molten adhesive to the base layer.


CAVISCAT scatter units completed to processing lines with infeed, web guidance, tension controls, infrared sintering channel, calender, rewind, etc.

Same line can be used both for scatter coating and for lamination. Electrical infrared heaters of medium wave radiation for best absorption and extremely fast reaction time.
The bulk solids are fed into the scatter trough over the entire scatter width by a travelling feed hopper.

A dosing roll, covered with different needle types, or cavities, or sand paper, feeds the material downwards. Material quantity is adjusted via the rotation speed. Material is removed from the dosing roll by oscillating or rotating brush. Screens mounted underneath into the falling path to further ensure even distribution over the entire width of the web. Material falling through open webs, or excess material at the sides are collected and transported to outside of the unit by a vibrating channel

Optional: additional brush at the return side. Various types of mechanical devices to prevent material blockage (bridge build-up). Complete recycling systems to classify the material and convey it back into the process. Suction devices to prevent room contamination. Powder feeding and conveying systems (pneumatic or screw type). Bag and big bag emptying systems, agitators, bridge breakers, ionization devices.

Accurate scattering of various bulk solids

  • Thermoplastic powders
  • Pellets, granulate, flakes
  • Activated carbon powder
  • Aluminium oxide abrasives
  • Mica powder
  • Recycle polymer pellets
  • Fine powders, talcum
  • Flock material
  • Phenolic powder

CAVISCAT – accurate scattering by dosing doll

  • For powder
  • For pellets or chips
  • For fine powder, talcum
  • Double scatter unit for 1 or 2 products
  • Needle belt with brush
  • Special cavities
  • Calender

Technical data


Working width: max. 7000 mm
Scatter capacity: up to 4000 g/min (per m width)
Powder size: up to 2000 microns (larger for chips, flakes, etc.)
Utilization: nonwovens, carpets, automotive interior, filters, composites materials, lamination, flooring, hygiene (SAP)


  • Engineering and manufacturing of scatter units and complete lines
  • Tailor-made solution
  • Process technology support
  • Technical Center for tests and trials
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