Hotmelt coating and laminating unit for breathable sportswear, rainwear and protective clothing.


Hotmelt coating and laminating Caviscreen

CAVISCREEN, hotmelt coating and laminating unit for breathable sportswear, rainwear and protective clothing. The hotmelt screen printing is a very special system for high-end application garments to achieve better results for breathable laminates with and without membrane.

With the Caviscreen system the PUR adhesives are transferred onto the substrate through a rotary screen, similar to the common textile printing method, which is well known in the textile market.


The adhesives are fed from the drum melter through a heated hose to the traversing adhesive distribution system inside the rotary screen, just behind the doctor blade.

The traversing adhesive dispenser distribute the adhesive automatically over the set working width. This method of adhesive supply is brand-new and helps to distribute the adhesive more even and precise. Meanwhile the working width can be set without any mechanical changes.

The adhesive is pressed by the doctor blade through the screen holes and transferred to the substrate.

Different dot pattern (mesh or irregularly) and different screen thicknesses allow different coating weight and adhesive coverages.

The coating weight and the coverage define the bonding strength, the softness of the fabric and the breathability.
The large and right selection of screens is essential to fulfil the requirements likewise.

The screen coating system is the most precise system to apply adhesive without
glue in between the coated dots and therefore the final product (active wear) has an excellent air permeability and a soft hand.

Due to the coating on the surface of the substrate, the adhesive has less tendency to
penetrate into the substrate which effects a high bonding strength with less adhesive use than other coating processes.

Technical data

Caviscreen machine

Ww: 1800mm
Speed: 40m/min
Adhesives: Reactive PUR
Coating weights: 3 – 40g/m2
Substrate: Suitable fabrics, knitted fabrics, nonwovens, membranes, films, foams


The unique benefit of this application technology is the much more precise shape of the glue dot which leads to a soft hand-feel of the bonded fabric and more glue free area, resulting the same bonding result.

The material has a better breathability due to the less coated/glue covered area.

Furthermore, the price of a rotary screen roll is only 10% of a gravure roller price. One of the great advantages is the exchange time and effort from one screen to the other.

Unlock the bayonet fitting, IR-heater cover opens pneumatically, and the low weight
screen can be taken out by hand. There is no hot oil or any other hot liquid involved which needs to be cooled down.

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