The machine is equipped with a main shearing cylinder with spiral blades and ledger blades, beating cylinder and driven rollers.
A strong machine body supports and avoid any vibration allowing an homogenous cut of the pile.

Single and double head Shearing Machine

The fabric tension is managed by electronic loading cells.
Pneumatic pistons lift the shearing cylinder smoothly for an easy maintenance.
Shearing cylinder speed control by means of an AC driven motor controlled by inverter. Revolving speed adjustable from 600 to 1500 rpm. Automatic reverse motion of the fabric at machine stop to prevent shearing marks.
Specially designed suction hood placed on top of the shearing unit complete with a powerful Suction Plant to grant 100% dust removal form the sheared
Impregnated merinos felt placed on top of the shearing cylinder for a long-lasting lubrication. All motors on the machine are inverter driven with
adjustable speed settable from the touch screen control panel.
A precision measurement system can ensure the cutting precision of 0,02 mm adjustment gauge between the blade and the fabric measured by a dedicated instrument.
Specially designed inlet to avoid creases formation.
Driving and braking rollers located next to the shearing cylinder provide the correct tension to the fabric through electronic loading cells.


Additional features:
• High revolution shearing unit speed:
up to 1500 RPM
• Shearing Cylinder, 190 mm diameter, with 22 blades
• Velveting unit
• Independent drive of all motorized rollers
and cylinders as “Jogging mode”.
• Pneumatic Belt Tension Control for the Main
Shearing Cylinder
• Possibility to re-sharp the shearing unit on the
machine through the safety dedicated maintenance
• Stable and safe electronics controls
• Compact design with significant advantages
in terms of energy saving
• Flash Memory card and WI-FI connection
for online machine diagnosis
• Data storage for production and maintenance
• Low noise transmission belts
• WI-FI connection for online machine diagnosis
• Data storage for production and maintenance
• 12” Operator Friendly Touch screen panel
• Possibility to connect the machine to a Cloud
system (Optional)
• Inverter driven selvedges uncurling devices in case
of high curling edges (Optional).
• Centering unit device (Optional)
• Piano table (Optional)
• Possibility to place machines in line with fully
automatic synchronization

Technical data


Working width 1800 – 2200 mm
Mechanical speed 40 m/min
Working speed 5 – 40 m/min
Absorbed load 55 kW
Noise level 76 Db

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