Totally re-engineered, carries new solutions/innovations in mechanical, electrical/electronic, components parts and configurations with the aim to provide a reliable and effective tool to the modern finisher who sees enlarged possibilities to achieve new finishing effects.

DECOFAST 4.0 matches fashion requests always looking for new fabrics, articles and final finishing effects

It meets the increasing demand of continuous decatizing treatment which, beside the traditional range of worsted and woollen, is enlarged to knit and woven made with a wide number of compositions and blends, ranging from cellulose to synthetic fibre.

The basic machine configuration presents an accurate fabric tension control and management, very effective especially when treating elasticized fabric woven or knit as well.

Compared to Decofast the machine, in knit configuration, foresees an inlet studied and developed with effective and accurate devices for fabric tension control and selvedge opening. The more compact machine size improves accessibility on both lateral sides to ease the maintenance activities. Innovated felt with new characteristics assure an even and uniform fabric aspect, to reduce the steam consumptions and increase the working life of the felt itself. The friction of mechanical elements in contact with felt is minimized. The vessel steam pressure has been enlarged with possibility to reach three bars.

Electric, electronic and software parts are renewed together with drive motors of high precision performances. While electrical components are highly reliable, maintenance and parts substitution is simplified.



The continuous decatizing under pressure is characterized by a machine section, in which the fabric is submitted to the action of direct steam with pressure settable at different levels. This is achieved by the system: drum – properly shaped vessel – sealing devices.

The fabric enters in the machine and gets in contact with endless felt, which leads the fabric through the steaming and following suction sections. At the end the fabric temperature is reduced and the steam removed thus setting the fabric modifications occurred during the process.

By aging on setting values of working parameters (drum and vessel steam pressure, felt tension and suction degree), a wide range of effects in terms of fabric touch, aspect and stabilizations can be achieved.

Drum and vessel steam pressures adjustments are totally independent: this is important to get more moisten or dry treatment conditions.


Final decatizing treatment
Fabric preparation for KD (Kier Decatizer)
Finish decatizing after KD. Mainly for wool fabrics: to remove excess of stiffness imparted by KD, improvement of tailoring parameters and increment of fabric suppleness.

Final products

Pure wool worsted/woollen
Wool blend with polyester or polyamide
Silk and silk blends
Rayon, rayon/synthetic blends
Synthetics and blends
The machine is suitable to treat circular/warp knit fabric structure, including all elasticized variants with elastomeric fibre

Technical data


Working width 180 – 220 cm
Mechanical speed 4 – 40 m/min.
Working speed 4 – 40 m/min.
Absorbed load 55 kW
Saturated steam pressure 6 bar
Compressed air feed pressure 6 bar
Noise level <79 dB(A)
Machine weight (approx.) 10 T
Maximum room required (approx.) 650x850x330 cm
Average steam consumption (approx.) 500 Kg/h

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