The only machine in the world capable of treating fabrics plunged into water at a controlled temperature that can reach 125° C at a maximum pressure of 2 bar.

The wool crabbing in continuous by overheated water under pressure

The continuous treatment takes place thanks to the use of special seals positioned at the entry and exit of the machine which allow, by means of a dedicated pump, to pressurize the process area and work at temperatures higher than the ones allowed by the atmospheric pressure.

The combination of working conditions that foresee a fabric that is completely impregnated in water and kept under pressure together with a temperature that is adjustable up to 125° C is the ideal situation in order to reach setting values that are definitely higher compared to any other similar treatment presently available.

The wool fibre turns into a plastic state and the hydrogen and cystinic bonds are broken to be re-shaped under a more stable configuration which is no more only cohesive but permanent such a transformation happens very quickly and the production increase has been calculated in at least 50% more compared to crabbing machines using for example the highly tensioned silicon belts.

Technical data


Working width 180 cm
Mechanical speed 4 – 40 m/min.
Maximun process temperature 120°C
Maximun process pressure 1,5 bar
Connected load 31 kW
Absorbed load 22 kW
Saturate steam feeding 6 bar
Water feeding 1,5 – 2 bar
Compressed air feeding 6 bar
Average steam comsumption ~ 350 kg/h
Average water consumption (wet fabric at inlet) ~ 400 l/h
Compressed air consumption ~ 100 Nl/h
Weight (approximate) 14.000 kg


  • Optimisation of Tailorability Performances
  • Reduced Running Costs
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Natural Stretch Effect to Meet up-to-date fashion trendy market
  • Treated fabrics become extremely uniform and flexible
  • Overheated water at 120°C and 2 bar pressure, assures high setting degree of wool fabrics, above to the one achievable by traditional machines
  • Solution to cockling and bubbling problems, especially for fabrics with particular weaving structure and fibers composition
  • Usage of setting chemical products is no longer necessary
  • Production increase comparing the traditional machines (15 m/min to 25-30 m/min)
  • FIXA carried out the setting without pressing silicon belt, usually employed on traditional machines and often cause of marks / stamps or aspect fabric unevenness problems
  • Overheated water and pressure are on safety and under automatic control by PLC
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