Multidecat 2

Offers optimum performance in quality and production, whilst its running is particular economic thanks to a rationalization of the concepts of construction and maintenance.

MULTIDECAT 2 is equally applicable in the most diverse finishing fields

From the wool sector to the silk one and cotton, for artificial and synthetic fibres as well, particularly when these are blended with natural fibres.

It can be used for final decatizing of both woollen and worsted cloth of pure wool and in blends with polyester, viscose, silk, cotton; cotton, linen and their blends, viscose and polyester/viscose blends and pure silk. It can be used for a preparatory treatment to the Kier Decatizing of woollens and drapery articles as well as final fabrics decatizing previously treated by Kier Decatizing, to remove the excess of lustre to soft and to bulk the fabric hand.


In usual operating conditions the fabric is fed to the machine in plaited form and the delivery to the machine is also plaited. However, on request, solutions with large roll at machine inlet or outlet or both can be supplied.

MULTIDECAT 2 can operate in connection with our steaming and shrinking machine UNIVERSA usually positioned before.

The result is a very flexible finishing line, where a fabric first relaxation is then followed by a final decatizing. The machine working speed can be as high as 25 m/min and even higher in relation of fabric type and decatizing effect required.

MULTIDECAT 2 can be supplied with options: single or double steaming section

Technical data


Roller width 200 – 240 cm
Working width 180 – 220 cm
Mechanical speed 3 – 30 m/min.
Decatizing cylinder diameter 120 cm
Connected load 45 kW
Average steam consumption at 4 – 5 bar 400 – 500 kg/h
Compressed air consumption at 7 – 8 bar nl/h 100
Average machine noise db (a) <80

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