Stands for a low-running cost, highly eco-friendly machine range to scour grey fabrics and to clean fabrics after dyeing or printing.

Continuous de-oiling and scouring machines for textile finishing

The technology facilitates an excellent cleaning performance for an array of materials, which include stretch fabrics, polyamide/elastomer for underwear, active wear, automotive textiles, upholstery fabrics and technical textiles in general, wool and wool blends, wool-like and silk.

The dry cleaning process provides the most effective way to remove spinning and weaving oils, silicon oils and unfixed dyestuff and synthetic fibres oligomers from a wide range of fibers both in the synthetic field and in the wool sector.

The continuous solvent scouring NOVA (PERC) is the result of Sperotto Rimar several decades experience in solvent Dry To Dry continuous water-free scouring technology.

The solvent employed represents the best choice considering scouring efficiency, chemical/physical stability and environment impact. The available models satisfy different production and working width needs: they are suitable to treat a large variety of kind of fabrics differing for structure and compositions.



Scouring: the highly efficient combined action of several baths in counter-flow with adjustable high pressure spraying nozzles ensures excellent degreasing results and extremely effective dirty removal.

Drying: the two dry systems, drum and conveyor belt, assure the complete textile fabric drying even if it has particular structure or with severe selvedge curling. In the drier, the air is recycled in a closed loop comprising a condensing device which assures the adequate solvent/air saturation conditions for a complete fabric drying.

Deodorizing: the unit, at the machine exit, in which the residual solvent smell on fabric is removed by clean air, properly recycled in a closed loop circuit with a device to filter in continuous the air recycled.

Solvent recovery: all the dirty solvent, coming from scouring unit is recovered by distilling.

The oils/sludge accumulation is kept under control by a totally automatic discharge loop, which starts whenever the accumulation level overcome limit set.

Distilled solvent is stored in solvent clean tank from where is again taken to be used in the scouring unit.

Contact water treatment: the water which got in contact with solvent is treated by a specific/device to remove any solvent residues allowing a discharge of unpolluted water.

The described process and recovery-filtering systems assure the closed loop of NOVA operating process. This means that there is not exchanges of air with external environment.

The process is in compliance with the strict and stringent environmental regulations as the European and USA.


Woven, warp–knit and circular knit fabrics
Synthetics: Polyester, Polyamide, Lycra Viscose and their blends
Wool blend with polyester or polyamide
Silk and its Blends
Fabrics with Elastan

Technical data

Nova Ecowarp


Nova Ecoknit


Roller width 2000 – 4400 mm
Working width 1800 – 4200 mm
Connected load 53 – 190 kW
Absorbed load 45 – 140 kW
Dryer Percholoroethylene evapotation capacity 600 / 1200 kg/h
Avg. steam consumption at 6 bar 500 – 1400 kg/h
Avg. cooling water consumption at 3 bar, 20° C 10 – 35 m3/h
Compressed air consumption at 6 bar 200 NI/h
Solvent consumption ( as pct. of scoured fabric weight) < 2%


  • No environment impact
  • Solvent scouring a huge water saving
  • Energy required for drying reduced nearly 10 times the energy comsumption
  • No use of auxiliary chemicals or detergents
  • Minimal solvent consumption (<2% of the weight of the fabric scoured)
  • Reduced both operating costs and pollution from the stenter
  • Best preparation for heat-setting
  • The solvent is recycled continuously
  • The system is safely sealed
  • Full compliance with the strict environmental regulations of Japan, Germany, Europe, USA and Switzerland
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