Santashrink / Santashrink Progress

Tensionless shrinking and relax drying of tubular and open width knitted fabrics in a wide variety of versions: the length of the drier or number of chambers is chosen according to the required drying capacity. With an extended design with single/double padder for the squeezing, hydro-extraction and impregnation, SANTASHRINK Progress is the most required Dryer in the market.

SANTASHRINK Tensionsless-drying shrinking and relaxing

Tensionsless drying, shrinking and relaxing

The technically and economically future-oriented design of SANTASHRINK brings a number of application advantages for the operation, which show up in excellent textile results.

SANTASHRINK is used for the shrinkage, relaxation and tensionless drying of tubular or open-width knitted fabrics. The fabric guidance, wether single, double or multiple strand is effected at one treatment level.
Prior to the last treatment chamber, the fabric passes through a steam and vibration section, which helps to enhance the fabric volume and soft fleecy handle.
Nozzles with large volumes of air enable the water to be heated very quick to the evaporation point.

Integrated treatment system for the shrinkage for the Progress version

Pin-frame entry for width stretching and wet-compacting as preparation of the fabrics prior to drying offers an unequalled quality gains. The equalizing frame, which features a needle chain, is the most important part of the extended inlet. The total length of 5,345 m includes a horizontal swiveling section of 4,50 m, which permits gentle opening and overstretching of fabric. The inlet can be of very simple design with a centering device and a feeding support. In general a dewatering-padder is provided and, in most cases, also an impregnating padder.


The fabric is laid on the transporting belt at the feeding unit, which includes the overfeeding roller and a special apron. The fabric is ideally guided in wave form through the drier. The nozzle alignment forces the fabric to a fast and intensive drying, which includes tumbling effect. The moisture control in the chambers is optimized for energy saving. A steaming and vibration chamber enhances the bulkiness and supports the shrinkage process. The exit unit is composed of an inclined wooden lathed belt to cool down the fabrics before plaiting. Every chamber is equipped with manual lint filters, which can easily be cleaned during operation. Optionally an automatic lint filter system can be built in instead. The process control is easily monitored via Santavision, HMI equipped with touch screen panel.

Technical data


Working width: 60 – 420 cm in steps of 20 cm, others on request
Total width: Working width plus 200 cm
Length of drying chamber: 2 m
Total machine length: Number of chambers plus approx. 5.5 m includ. the vibration section
Evaporation capacity: 200 kg per drying chamber
Fabric overfeed: 0 – 50% infinitely variable
Fabric guidance: One or more parallel strands according to requirement
Heating system: Steam, natural or liquid gas or thermal oil


  • Easy operation
  • High water evaporation power
  • Very economical energy consumption
  • Extremely uniform temperature distribution in the drying zone
  • Highly effective thermal insulation
  • Finely adjustable drive system for individual functional ranges, independently controlled
  • Distance between upper and lower nozzles adjustable
  • Intensive steam and vibration field to achieve a particularly advantageous residual shrinkage and fabric volume
  • Bulky and soft fabric
  • Very low maintenance sequences
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