This innovative stenter frame combines unrivaled performance to meet customer expectations, using a novel air-flow technique.
High performance and precision in terms of efficiency and uniformity of treatment, assures customer value and quick return on investment.

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SANTAFRAME: High performance and stenter frame for knitted and woven fabrics

In a wide variety of versions, using a novel air-flow technique: the length of the stenter frame or number of chambers is chosen according to the required drying and/or heat setting/curing capacity.

The outstanding performance and production of the SANTAFRAME is based on continual development using the latest advances in thermodynamics, allied to the changing need of customers.

The heating system is located above the fabric track in the upper part of the 2m long treatment zone. Circulating air fan draws the air from the nozzle and treatment zone through the filter panels and directs it along a short path to the heat exchanger, from where it is fed into the nozzles.
A regulating flap in front of the nozzle boxes allows the top and bottom airflow to be continuously adjusted. The arrangement of the heat source on the pressure side of the circulating air fan allows for a high air circulation speed and hence a higher drying capacity.

This leads to energy saving and cost reduction in the drying and heat setting of textile fabrics.


  • Unsurpassed uniformity of the air flow and heat distribution throughout the 2-metre-long chamber modules, with circulating air fan and heating element uniquely positioned in sealed chamber above the fabric track.
  • Positioning the heat source on the pressure side significantly increases the evaporation rate without any change in energy consumption, due to the higher air speed and specially designed nozzles. This arrangement eliminates the risk of condensation dripping onto the fabric.
  • Excellent quality of the treated fabric due to the suitably designed AERO-SURF nozzle system, promotes even treatment (heat setting), excellent residual shrinkage, and softest handle for sensitive fabrics.
  • Minimal combustion residue by utilising semi-indirect gas heating as an alternative to thermal oil heating during the heat setting or curing processes.
  • Increased performance and precise temperature control during processing without any energy loss, by introducing bulkhead zones at both inlet and outlet.
  • Savings in energy consumption as a result of a specially designed, built in exhaust air circulation duct, which in combination with heat recovery units reduce installation costs.
  • Modular design for quick setup

Technical data

santaframe stenter machine diagram

Working width: 80 – 320 cm in steps of 20 cm, other working width on request
Total width: Working width plus 200 cm
Length of drying chamber: 2 m
Total machine length: Number of chambers plus approx. 17.5m incl. double padder and plaiter
Machine speed: 8 – 100 m/min
Power supply: Approx 315 kw
Fabric overfeed: 0 – 60% infinitely variable
Heating system: Natural or liquid gas, thermal oil or steam

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