SOFTA is the latest and most advanced solution for brushing applicable to any fabric type.

High speed sueding brushing machine

Softa is suitable for the following articles:

  • Woven and knitted fabrics made in naturalor man-made fibers
  • Single or double face fabrics

The high-speed sueding brushing is possible thanks to the large diameter and the high revolution speed of the adopted brushes.

The flexibility of the brushing bristles guarantees the possibility to achieve a wide variety of results letting it be more or less aggressive in accordance to the final“touch” that is desired.

The short distance between the different machine components and the excellent fabric tension control system provided by electronic loading cells avoid crease marks formation and surface unevenness.


Main features:
• Brushes speed: up to 1.800 RPM
• Brushes diameter: 390 mm
• Bristles Length: 115 mm
• Exit with conveyor belts for smooth and accurate
fabric transportation
• Special Edges uncurling units for knitted fabrics
• Contrast rollers work on the back face
of the fabric avoiding any contamination on the
treated surface
• Independent drive of all motor driven rollers
and cylinders as “Jogging mode”
• Low noise direct transmission
• WI-FI connection for online machine diagnosis
• Data storage for production and maintenance
• 12” Operator Friendly Touch screen panel
• Possibility to connect the machine to a Cloud
system (Optional)
• Selvedges uncurling devices in case of high
curling edges (Optional)
• Centering unit device (Optional)

Technical data


Working width 1800 – 2200 mm
Roller width 1900 mm; 2300 mm
Mechanical speed 40 m/min
Working speed 5 – 40 m/min
Absorbed load 55 kW
Noise level 76 Db

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