Softness enhanced with water, wet-sueding technology gives articles a novel, outstanding handle.

Wet Sueding Machine

In comparison with the traditional dry-sueding process, which leads to hand and surface effects through a partial sueding of the nap and produces amore or less dense pile orientation, the wet-sueding distinguishes itself by achieving the soft surface without any noticeable orientation of the pile.

One peculiar feature of wet-sueding is that the water used in the process acts as a form of fibre lubrication. This increases the sueded surface area on the fabrics, reduces the quantity of removed fibres, gives a shorter fibre appearance with no major reduction in the tensile strength of the processed article.

Following the path of the fabric during the particular process, we can see that it is guided from the top into the impregnation tank where it is dipped completely in the water. On leaving this impregnation stage, the fabric is spread and guided into the horizontal sueding area, while its tension is controlled by means of a load cell.



• The finishing effects, provided by Plurima machine, derive from the combination of the synthetic diamond paper sueding action and the wet condition in which the treatment is carried out.
• The result is a soft touch without perceiving hairiness which is absent or is present in a very short form.
• The wet conditions enhance these characteristics by providing the swelling of the fibres, especially in case of natural and cellulosic ones, and/or dissipating the heat generated during sueding, thus avoiding, especially in relation to synthetic fibers, melting effects that can turn in a final softness
reduction of the touch.
• After dyeing, the dyestuff is partially removed, Plurima wet sueding provides an ageing effect. Such effect is more evident on fabrics composed
of cellulosic fibers.

Field of Applications

• Cellulosic and cellulosic/synthetic blends
• Synthetics and blends
• Polyester/viscose
• Rayon and rayon/synthetic blends

The machine is suitable to treat circular knitted,
warp knitted and woven structures, including fabrics
containing elastan.

Advantages of Plurima

• Settable and and independent peripheral speed of the sueding rollers
• Helicoidal configuration of the sueding rollers with a natural fabric spreading action associated with a mechanical beating
• Tension-controlled fabric guiding in order to avoid center-selvedge unevenness and/or longitudinal crease marks

Technical data


Working width 180 mm
Mechanical speed 4 – 40 m/min
Working speed 4 – 25 m/min
Power requirement 53 – 88 kW
Water feed 2 – 3 bar
Water consumpion 3000 l/h
Steam feed 4 – 5 bar
Compressed air feed 6 bar
Noise level 85 – 102 dB(A)
Weight (approx.) 4900 – 5500 Kg

New Trends

In the dynamic world of performance sportswear, Plurima effect has become a trendsetting style for warp knitted tricots and circular knitted jersey sin Polyamide/spandex and Polyester/spandex, creating a short and dense, soft velour, granting synthetic fibers a “cotton-like touch”.

Synthetic intimate underwear is particularly gaining a soft sensation of smooth velvet in contact with the skin.

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