Allows to process natural fibers and have long lasting anti-shrinkage effect and deyability without chemicals.

Efficient atmospheric plasma for natural fibers

It is the first industrial scale solution limiting the usage of natural resources to produce easy-care and eco-friendly natural fibers.

Based on a patented innovative technological platform, PlaNa defines a new environmental friendly green industrial process.

The cold atmospheric plasma treatment gives the fibers high performance characteristics with lower industrial costs. It is completely devoid of air and precursor gases and gives the fibers good characteristics of anti-felting and great aptitude to dye without further chemical treatments.

Final users have eco-friendly garments with a better hand, washable at home.

Technical data


Maximum width treated product 1000 mm
Speed treatment 2.5 – 25 m/min.
Maximum power treatment 30 kW
Frequency 40 – 45 kHz
Compressed air connection 6.0 bar


  • Less purge cycles, saving water and energy
  • Higher wettability of the fiber
  • Faster heating phase of the dyeing liquid
  • Lower temperature of dyeing liquid
  • Less color needed to treat fibers
  • Easy care garments and anti-shrinking properties
  • Garments can be washed in a domestic washing machine wool program
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